Wellness initiative for senior citizens

WISC is a community service project that strives to improve wellness and fitness especially during these tough times. With the Covid-19 pandemic many seniors are forced to stay at home so we have come up with an idea to help seniors stay active!

This program is an initiative taken by a High schooler in FBISD for a community service project and is supported by Bhora Clinic a primary care and wellness clinic. High school students will be involved in collecting data under the guidance of qualified and certified professionals. They will be following up with seniors and motivating them to reach their wellness goals and share their progress and address any questions or concerns they may have.

The program will monitor physical and mental aspects such as depression and cognitive functions, as well as balance, fall-risk, muscle mass and body composition. The factors listed above will be improved when members are consistently active and lead a healthy lifestyle.

This program is entirely free of cost

The guidelines and requirements for the program are as follow:

  • Individuals must be willing to have consistently perform at least 20-30 minutes of physical exercise 3-5 times a week.

  • In order to participate individuals must be 50-80 years of age.

  • Should be willing to complete average of 5000- 8000 steps per day.

  • Periodic webinars will be given by Internal medicine physician, Nutritionists and Physiotherapists.

  • After enrollment participants must visit the clinic to conduct a few non-invasive tests which will consist of:

  • Body Composition Analysis- individuals will be required to stand on a machine similar to a weight scale which will provide us with a detailed report of the muscle fat and water composition of the body.

  • The Geriatric Depression Scale (GDS) test- it is a self-report measure of depression in older adults. It consists of 30 yes/no questions.
  • Timed Get Up and Go test- is a simple test used to assess a person’s mobility and requires both static and dynamic balance. It uses the time that a person takes to rise from a chair, walk three meters, turn around, walk back to the chair, and sit down.
  • Mini-mental State Exam (MMSE)- This test offers a quick and simple way to quantify cognitive function and screen for cognitive loss. It tests the individual’s orientation, attention, calculation, recall, language and motor skills. Each section of the test involves a series of question of commands.
  • The follow-up visits are essential in order for us to track progress in physical and mental aspects such as depression levels and cognitive functions, as well as balance, fall-risk, muscle mass and body composition.
  • All interventions and assessments will be done under the supervision of Board Certified physicians, psychologists and qualified physical therapists and nutritionists.

Professionals mentoring the program are:

Please text us to enroll in the program @ 281- 721-4449 Or email @ info@bhoraclinic.com