Paru Mcguire

(Psychologist and Director of Operations and Liason, ISEEK)

Paru Mcguire (Psychologist and Director of Operations and Liason, ISEEK).

Ms. McGuire completed her Masters in Clinical Psychology from the University of Bombay.

She worked as a Clinical Psychologist in the mental health field in a hospital setting prior to migrating to the United States. She worked in the MR/DD field in the US for 30 years prior to early retirement.

Paru has several publications in her name both in India and USA with a specialization in Autism.

She was also a staff trainer and provided crisis intervention training for mental health/cognitively challenged population to Physicians in the hospitals as well as the law enforcement personnel in Cleveland, OH.

Besides, Paru is past President of Club 65, Core member of the Women's Empowerment group as well as a board member of IMAGH.

Interests include yoga, spiritual growth, exercise, travel both domestic and international and music, dance, etc. However, in spite of being part of multiple organizations and spending time furthering her interests, family has and always will come first.

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